So, what exactly is a pop-up?

Pretty much like a pop-up Store, or a pop-up Restaurant, a pop-up Studio is where I take the whole studio experience on the road and set up a 'mini' photography studio for the day in a new location. You can book in and visit with your dog to get great studio style portraits at a fraction of the cost and time of one of my regular London studio sessions.

Just because it's mini in time and cost, don't think for one moment you'll be compromising with the pictures! With a choice of background colours and the use of studio lights, you'll get the same quality output that you get with a studio session (see below!)

Some Pop-Up Pooches...

What happens in a session?

Just like dogs, not all the sessions are exactly the same but this should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Each half an hour booking allows your dog plenty of time to settle in. Some dogs take to the session like a Retriever takes to a muddy puddle, while others like to have a good sniff around, take their time get used to the studio flash lights and work out a cunning strategy to wait for the the super high value treats to appear before they play ball.

I tend to pop the dogs up onto a raised platform (it is a pop-up after all!) as find this helps to keep them a little more focussed. If for any reason they take against it, we just move it out the way.

I always have the choice of at least 2 colour backdrops with me and we swap these through the session so that you get a mixture of backgrounds.

Some dogs will ace it and be done in 15 minutes, but please don't feel like you're being short changed! We don't want to keep shooting away for the sake of it (it will make choosing your final images even harder). It's all about the output, not how long it takes.

Oh, and yes, you will be asked to get involved by holding treats and helping to get their attention. It's called You and the Dog for a reason!

Behind the scenes

(just to give you an insight)

Why do a pop-up?

These sessions are perfect for those who aren't sure about committing to a full studio session, and for those who are thinking about booking either a Sit and Play or the full You and the Dog session, but want to see what it's all about, and how your dog reacts. Needless to say they are also ideal if you happen to be closer to the pop-up location than to my London studio!

They're also great as a gift experience to give to someone without breaking the bank (just ask me about vouchers or booking someone in).

Behind the scenes at a Christmas Pop-Up

What happens after a session?

About a week after the shoot (sometimes sooner) I'll send you a gallery of digital images for you to select from. Once you've made your selection, I'll make sure your final versions are the best possible quality and supply them to you as high resolution digital images, and also as smaller, social media friendly files.

You are always welcome to take more images (at a reduced cost) and if you want advice on prints, or would like me to handle printing for you, then great, I'm happy to help.

Oh, and if you decide to book in for either a Sit and Play or You and the Dog session, I'll refund you the Pop-up cost! Woof!

Where are you next?

From dog friendly cafes and bars, to church halls, pet stores, and stately homes around the UK, I'm always on the look out for interesting and exciting venues to partner with, so stay tuned for a pop-up popping up near you!

Want to host a pop-up? Think you know if a great venue near you that might be up for one? Great - get in touch and let's see if we can make it happen!

Coming Up.....

Saturday 23rd March - Aelfred, Hackney Wick

Thursday 11th April - The Bell, Ticehurst, East Sussex

Saturday 21st April - The Old Chapel Centre, Alfriston, East Sussex

Some reviews

'Lucy!!! Love, love, love!!!!!' - Rufio's owner

'Thank You SO much! We love the pictures so much!' - Rupert's owners

'Oh my gosh, the photos are amazing!' Bruce's owner

'Oh my goodness they are WONDERFUL! Jimmy looks like Jimmy! I am beyond happy!' Jimmy's owner.

'We had a great time and thought the photos were brilliant!' Nana's owners

'These are great, I am so pleased with them! Thank you!!" Rufus's owner

'Woof, woof, woof, WOOF, lick!' Margo