You and the dog studio sessions

A studio session for you and your dog costs £325, and usually lasts around one and a half to two hours. In this time we will look to capture a pre-discussed portrait shot along with some similarly styled individual shots of just your dog that complement the main shot. You’ll receive two individual unframed C-type prints of your choice (usually 8” x 10” or 8” x 8” in size) and these will also be given to you as high resolution digital files. At no extra cost you will be also able to choose 2 additional high resolution images. Additional requested downloads are charged at £15 each. The cost is for 1 person and two dogs, or 2 people and one dog. Please see below for additions. 

the dog studio sessions

I’m very happy to offer shorter portrait sessions for just the dog. These cost £180 for one dog (additional dogs charge at £20) and usually last around an hour. You’ll receive two individual unframed C-type prints of your choice (usually 8” x 10” or 8” x 8” in size) which will also be given to you as high resolution digital files. You’ll also able to choose 5 additional high resolution images sent to you via an online transfer. Additional requested downloads are charged at £15 each.


All prints are handled by a leading professional photographic lab using Fuji crystal photographic paper, with a choice of gloss or matt finish. I’m very happy to arrange for additional prints and to discuss options on framing (I’m always happy to advise on relevant off the shelf frames as well as professional framing). These are available in a variety of sizes and would be at an additional cost.

Approximate standard format prices (mounts and frames not included). Other sizes available on request, in addition to framing and canvas prints. This includes delivery

8" x 10" - £22.50

10"  x 12" - £26

12" x 16" - £34

16" x 20 " - £52

A3 - £35

The studio I work from is based in KenningtonLondon SE11.

How it works:

Depending on where you are located, we would ideally meet for a dog walk or coffee to have a chat about the sort of portrait you want to create - for some people this might involve their job, their hobby, their 'I’ve always wanted to be a….' or simply just 'This is what people think of when they think of me'. If you’re stuck for ideas we can brainstorm together - I’m usually pretty good at coming up with something creative.

We’ll have a chat about what is/isn’t possible within the limitations of the studio (I’d love to shoot you both at a grand piano, but sadly we can’t get one up the stairs…), discuss props, and most importantly how this works with your dog.

If times/distances mean meeting up isn’t possible, then we can chat over the phone/email and share ideas before we agree to go ahead.

On the day we’ll try a few variations around the theme, to see what works best and also do some additional shots of just your dog, and anything else we can fit in in the time!

What’s included in the ‘You and the Dog’ price?

  • The initial consultation - be this in person or via a couple of phone calls or emails.

  • The photo session itself where we capture the agreed main portrait, and a standalone shot of your dog/dogs that link to the main shot. This is for up to 2 people and 1 dog, or 1 person and 2 dogs. (Additional dogs/people charged at an extra £25 each)

  • Basic props - I have a certain amount of props to hand (and often clients bring their own) but anything out of the ordinary that requires sourcing would have to be included as an additional cost. (I do have access to a wide variety of weird and wonderful theatrical items and we will always discuss and agree the price beforehand).

  • Two individual unframed C-type prints of your choice (usually 8” x 10” or 8” x 8” in size)

 On the day:

Dogs don’t always behave exactly as we’d hope (!), and for some, being in the studio with flashing lights can make them a little nervous. We’ll always start by letting them wander around and get use to the new smells and sights until we know they are comfortable and ready to be photographed - if they have a widdle, that’s fine - it happens! If you know your dog is especially nervous, or particularly boisterous around strangers then please do let me know, and let me know if your dog has any likes/dislikes/quirks.

It isn't essential for your dog to be groomed before the day, but you might want to give them a spruce up and make sure the eyes are free from too much hair, so we can ideally see them - unless of course this is a characteristic of the breed!

Wear what you feel comfortable in - humans can be even more camera shy than dogs, so make sure you like what you are wearing, are happy to be photographed in it, and most of all that you feel good!

Receiving your images:

A selection of about 10 - 12 digital files will be ready to view within 2 days of the shoot. I usually allow for up to 2 weeks for prints to be sent to you via Royal Mail. I try to avoid heavy retouching/photoshop work as do want the images to be as natural as possible.

Please note, I cannot guarantee the quality and finish of any products you choose to print yourself or have printed from a high street printing service.


I shoot from a studio based in Kennington, London SE11 - one stop on the Northern line from Waterloo. Shoot days are subject to availability. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and the remainder paid two days prior to the shoot. Payment via Paypal or direct bank transfer


 If you are unable to make the shoot, then as long as you let me know at least 48 hours ahead of the booking time, I can re-schedule for you. I am unable to offer refund deposits where less than 48 hours' notice is given.

I really try to avoid any hidden costs, and want the session to be enjoyable for both you and your dog. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on 

Lucy@youandthedog.com or 07877 921159